Yamaha RX 100 Makes a Spectacular Comeback – Price and Features Unveiled

Yamaha RX100 Bike:Currently, a lot of entry of new vehicles is being seen in the Indian market in the month of January. On the one hand, the popular bike of the Yamaha RX 100 is becoming crazy about this bike very fast, and people are showing interest in the features and style of this bike. If you are trying to buy this bike, let us know the complete information about it in detail through this article.

If you want to know about this bike, then let us tell you that this bike has been launched with many cool features. The tires of this bike and the features of this bike are quite amazing. Let us know in detail.

Yamaha RX100 bike Specifications

BikeYamaha RX100
Engine Options200 cc and 150 cc
Fuel capacity10 L
CompetitionHero Karizma, Triumph Speed 400, Harley Davidson X440

Yamaha RX100 bike launch date

The launch announcement regarding the Yamaha RX100 bike has not been officially confirmed yet. The launch date of this bike is likely to be between 2024 and 2026. This bike will be launched with a great engine and amazing features.

Yamaha RX100 bike design

The design of this bike will be presented in the best style, with a new premium look. Recently, many retro bikes have been launched in the Indian market and are giving much better performance. Many changes will be seen in the design. We will inform you as soon as there is any update related to the design of this bike.

Yamaha RX100 bike mileage

The maximum speed of mileage of this bike can be seen at 110 kilometers per hour.

Yamaha RX100 bike Price

The price of this bike starts from Rs 1.25 lakh in the Indian market. Currently, this bike is expected to be launched by 2024.

Yamaha RX100 bike Engine

The engine of this bike is 250 cc and as soon as the bike is launched in the future, it will be seen competing with many other bikes.

Yamaha RX100 bike Features

The features of this bike are quite powerful. In this bike, you will get to see features like a fuel tank, a flash-tight seat, a large handlebar, and a gold head lamp unit.

Yamaha RX100 bike Competition

If we look at the competition of this bike, it will compete with the Honda Shine, Honda SP 125, TVS Raider 125, and Hero Splendor Plus bikes in the Indian market.

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