Top 5 Horror Web Series

By Suyash Jaiswal          January 06, 2024

Typewriter is a haunted and scary web series created by Sujoy Ghosh. The story will be seen revolving around the typewriter.

Typewriter Horror Web Series 

Bhram is a psychological thriller web series. You can watch this web series on Zee5. There is a mystery behind a car accident in the story of this film.

Bhram Horror Web Series 

Gehraiyaan is a horror web series, the story of this film is the story of a surgeon Reyna Kapoor and this web series is a scary and mysterious web series.

Gehraiyaan Horror Web Series

If you like horror movie then you can watch this Ghul movie it is a scary web series

Ghoul Horror Web Series

Parchhayee helps to understand the fear of ghost instead of being a ghost and scare or after watching web series

Parchhayee  Horror Web Series