TVS X Electric Scooter Unveiled: 5 Key Features You Need to Know

TVS X Electric Scooter:In the Indian market, vehicle manufacturing companies are competing to launch new electric scooters. Bikes and scooters are available on the market, but the company is soon going to launch the electric scooter TVS. Learn about its features in detail in this article.

Recently, the picture of the new electric scooter has been shared through the company, to which many people have been attracted and want to buy the scooter, and it is also going viral very fast on the internet. The design of the scooter is quite interesting. It is unique, and people are liking it very much. It is expected that it will be introduced to the market with the same color and combination.

TVS Electric scooter

Not much information is available yet about TVS X electric scooter, But the news is coming from sources that the company is going to launch its new electric scooter, the TVS X, on the market soon. This new electric scooter is going to be launched on the market.

The company has also released the picture of its new electric scooter. According to many reports, this electric scooter has been designed keeping in mind the next generation electric scooter.

TVS X electric scooter specifications

Charging Time4 hours
Max Power
11,000 W
FeatureTheft Alert, Fuel Alert, Crash Alert, Speed Alert, and Geo Fencing Alert
Top speed105 km/h
Display10.2 inch TFT panoramic display
priceRs 2.49 lakh

TVS X electric scooter Design

The look of this electric scooter has been given quite a bang, and the design of this scooter is also very attractive to people. The red color of the front of this scooter, which is looking like a board, makes people get attracted to this scooter after seeing it. This electric scooter is going to have a vertical LED headlight, which further enhances its beauty.

Apart from this, two big panels are surrounded on the side of this electric scooter, which match the bodywork of the scooter. The beauty of this electric scooter is getting doubled even more, in this case TVS’s, or the first electric scooter that has been launched in the market with a tremendous look.

TVS X electric scooter price

Any person can easily buy this electric scooter. This electric scooter has been introduced in the Indian market and the price of this electric scooter starts from Rs. 2.49 lakh ex-showroom in the Indian market.


In such a situation, the electric scooter has been introduced in the Indian market. The most expensive electric scooter has been introduced in the Indian market. The look of this electric scooter is quite impressive, in such a situation, people are easily impressed by this electric scooter. In such a situation, the price of this electric scooter is quite expensive.

TVS X electric scooter Features

Features of this electric scooter: Many new features like a fast charging time clock, LED headlight, mobile connectivity, and a digital institute payment cluster will be seen. According to media reports, the TVS electric scooter company can offer a showroom price of up to Rs 2.5 lakh in the market.

TVS X Electric Scooter Battery

No information is available regarding the battery of this scooter.

TVS X electric scooter Range

The company has claimed that the range of this electric scooter will be up to 140 kilometers. In fact, you all will be able to get this range only when you all fully charge the battery of this electric scooter, and then all of you can use this electric scooter. You can easily drive this electric scooter at a maximum top speed of 105 kilometers per hour, and then you can easily reach a speed of 40 kilometers per hour while driving this electric scooter in just two and a half seconds. In such a situation, this electric scooter is a great electric scooter in which you can easily get a range of up to 140 kilometers.

If you want to buy an electric scooter, then you will all be able to get complete information about this electric scooter in detail through this article. We have given complete information about the range of this electric scooter, its features, price, design, and specification. We have tried to explain the information in detail to all of you in this article. We hope that you will have liked this article.

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