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Komaki LY:At present, we are seeing a lot of entry of two-wheel electric scooters in the Indian market. On one hand, the demand for electric scooters is increasing day by day in the Indian market, while on the other hand, new cool electric scooters. we are going to share with you information about the Komaki LY electric scooter. Let us know the complete information in detail through this article.

If all of you are going to share complete information about this new electric scooter in detail through this article, here we are expressing the desire to get you all the information we will share about this electric scooter. Let us know. Complete information is provided in detail in this article.

Komaki LY Scooter Price

The price of the Komaki LY electric scooter will be Rs 96968 in the Indian market. A discount of Rs. 18968 is also being given on this electric scooter.

Komaki LY Scooter Range

You will get excellent mileage on the Komaki LY Scooter electric scooter. You will get a top speed of 60 kilometers per hour on this electric scooter. In the first version of this electric scooter, you will get a range of up to 150 kilometers. With a dual battery in this electric scooter, the range now increases to 200 kilometers on a single charge.

And this scooter will give much higher mileage on both battery options, and on a single battery, it will give a range of about 50 kilometers with much better mileage than electric scooters that are coming on the market.

Komaki LY Scooter Battery

The battery of the Komaki LY Scooter electric scooter is provided in this electric scooter. You will get to see the battery back of a 34-h lithium-ion electric scooter. If you charge this battery easily in four to five hours, this battery will be fully charged on this electric scooter. You will also get to see the hub motor on the scooter.

Komaki LY scooter Features

Komaki LY Scooter Electric Scooter Features Push Button Start Digital Instrument Console Digital Trip Meter Digital Speedometer Anti Safety Alarm Smart Related 100cc Superior Suspense Multiple Sensing Diagnostic Wireless Updatable Features Smart Days LED headlight LED light LED turns single lamp and low battery indicator like Many great features will be seen in this electric scooter.

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