Honda SP 125: A Price Revelation Reshaping the Bike Market

HONDA SP 125;Honda’s bikes are going to create a stir in the Indian market. These bikes have always been in demand on the market. People always buy Honda’s SP 125 support bikes in the Indian market. In today’s times, every person dreams of buying a new bike. Today we have brought this Honda SP 125 attractive bike for you. Let us know the complete information about this bike in detail.

If you like Honda bikes, then you must have some Honda bikes. If you want to buy Honda’s new bike, then all those people can buy Honda’s SP 125 support bike. This will give you a very low budget. Also, you will get finance on the plan; know in detail.


The price of the Honda SP 125 bike starts at Rs 90,567, and the on-road price of this bike is Rs 1,04,943. Please contact the dealer while buying the bike. This is the estimated price.


The engine of the Honda SP 125 has a 123.94 cc engine. On this bike, you get a power of 10.8 ps and a tank of 10.9 mm. This bike has a five-speed gear box.


Key features of the Honda SP 125 bike include many features like silent start, ESP, integrated headlamp beam and passing switch, full digital meter, side stand engine cutoff, bold rear stance with tail lamp, etc.

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