AMO Electric Jaunty Pro Price, Range, Battery Charging

AMO Electric Jaunty Pro Scooter:AMO Electric is entering the Indian market by launching electric scooters. In this segment, most of the companies are seen offering their high-tech features. AMO Electric Jonty Pro Electric Scooter is also launching its new electric scooter. It is coming to the market; let us know about its features in detail.

The design of the AMO Electric Jonty Pro electric scooter has been designed in a very attractive way, and it also has a very powerful battery pack, which is attracting people towards this scooter, and the demand for this electric scooter is also increasing in the market. Let us know the complete information related to this scooter in detail through this article.

AMO Electric Jaunty Pro Price

The ex-showroom price of the AMO Electric Jonty Pro electric scooter has been kept in the market at ₹ 75600, and the on-road price of the AMO Electric Jonty Pro electric scooter reaches Rs 79,292.

AMO Electric Jaunty Pro Range

AMO Electric gives the speed reading range of 100 km for the Jonty Pro electric scooter, and along with this range, it claims a top speed of ₹ 25 km per hour.

AMO Electric Jaunty Pro Battery Pack

In this scooter, you are all given a battery pack for an excellent electric scooter. In this electric scooter, you are all given a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2.4 kWh, which has an electric motor with 249 watts of power to generate power. This scooter is designed based on brushless DC technology, which is quite powerful. If we talk about the capacity of this battery, then it gets fully charged in 6 hours from a normal charger.

AMO Electric Jaunty Pro Features

Features of the AMO Electric Jonty Pro scooter include digital instrument control and fast charging.Digital Speed Meter, Digital Meter Push Button Start, Anti-Theft Alarm, USB Charging Port, Central Locking, EBS, Speed Control Switch, Engine Kill Switch, LED headlight, and DRLs. Features are visible.

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